October 23,2018
October 23th,Tsinghua SEM Center for Internet Development and Governance(CIDG), Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Policy (SISTP) and LinkdeIn jointly held the Yangtze River Delta Digital Economy and Talent Development Summit Forum, releasing “Report on the Digital Economy and Talents in the Yangtze River Delta Region”. President Wang Jianping, Direcotr Yaowu Yang and other six professors from other institutes of science and technology attended this forum. They further discussed the report, which focused on regional integration and economic digital transformation under the background of talent-driven.
October 19,2018
October 19th, Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Policy (SISTP) and Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development jointly held the "Seminar on China-Austria Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation". More than 70 scholars and guests from governments, scientific research institutions and universities attended the seminar. The main topics of are “Chinese-Austrian Innovation Ecosystems” and “China-Austria Cooperation and Practices in Key Industry Areas”, which were moderated by Prof. Yaowu Yang, Director of Shanghai Institute of Science & Technology Policy and Dr. Ludovit Garzik, Managing Director of Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development, respectively. The successful convening of the seminar will help our institute to deepen cooperation with Austrian Scientific Academia and further develop international cooperation partners. Furthermore, it will facilitate understanding the development trend and main problems of China-Austria Science, Technology and Innovation cooperation, giving full play to the role of a Science and Technology Think Tank and offering better advice and suggestions to the government.
September 27,2018
September 27th, President Wang Jianping signed a memorandum of cooperation with Professor Zhao Xiaoming, Chairman of the Board of U.S. Asian Cultural Academy (UACA), in order to promote the exchange of lectures, joint training and visits between the scholars from two institutes. Also present at the signing ceremony were Guo Yugui, the Director of the International Education Research Center in UACA, Vice-president Zhang Qingjie, Prof. Yaowu Yang, Mr. Zhang Wenjie and Mr. Yanqun. President Wang gave a welcome speech and looked forward to taking this signing as an opportunity for both sides to complete each others’ advantages. The two sides planned to cooperate in communication of experts and scholars, advanced strategic training and the training of management cadres in the central and western regions.
September 5,2018
Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Policy (SISTP) and Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association (SORSA) jointly held the "China-Canada Scientific and Technological Innovation Cooperation Seminar". Nearly 50 guests from China and Canada were present at the seminar. They discussed in detail the innovation strategy of China and Canada, the cooperation in science and technology, the key areas of artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, and the cooperation of innovation carriers. The seminar news was included in the July 12’s theoretical edition of "monthly memorabilia of Chinese think tanks" by Guangming Daily.
September 5,2018
Members of the ‘ Visiting Scholars Program’, which is jointly organized by and Fudan Development Institute, visited Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Management (SISTM). They are from the University of Edinburgh, University of Illinois, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University and other universities and institutes at home and abroad. The guests exchanged information on science and technology innovation and policies in their countries, and discussed warmly on future cooperation in these fields.
August 10,2018
August 5th-10th, Prof. Yaowu Yang, Director of Shanghai Institute of Science & Technology Policy, attended the Seminar on China - Canada Science and Technology Policy and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. More than 100 scholars attended the seminar. Among them, there were more than 60 participants from Canadian local science and technology departments. Prof. Yang issued a report specialized in “Thinking on the Practice of Regional Innovation Development in China”. This report analyzes the hot issues in the construction of regional innovation subjects in China, and puts forward the principles and ideas for higher-quality integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta.